My boyfriend’s penis is still too sensitive – seven months after a circumcision? - glans sensitivity after adult circumcision


How Circumcision Affects the Sensitivity of Your Penis - VICE glans sensitivity after adult circumcision

Read this - I was circumcised as an adult, I had it done in January this year to cure me of stubborn Balanitis. After the surgery my glans was super sensitive too.

Why did a young man kill himself two years after being circumcised? from the head of his penis, or the "glans" as Alex referred to it in his email. his patients that the head of their penis will be more sensitive after circumcision. . However, experiences of men circumcised as adults differ dramatically.

For the glans penis, circumcised men reported decreased sexual adult men, and parents considering circumcision of their sons, should be .. The decreased erotic sensitivity after removal of the foreskin is self‐evident.