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The car used Ford's contemporary design language of the The Escort Mark III was voted European Car of the Year in 1981 All models except for base and L were fitted with a check-light system for low.

The CVH engine was introduced by Ford in 1980 in the third generation European Ford Escort For the facelifted "Mark 4", or "Erika-86" version of the European Escort in 1986, variants were fitted with the Ford EEC-IV engine management system. This engine is of a non-interference design: the valves don't contact the.

(8/80 - 12/85), 1,3L, 1,6L, 1,6XR3, 1,6XR3i, Orion 1,6i, RS1600i, RS Turbo Fuel system, Ford VV carburettor, Ford VV carburettor, Weber DFT carburettor, Bosch K- . All Escort models share the basic layout of McPherson front struts and.