Mueller Family Vineyards Drought Vintage 12-13-14 Cabernet Sauvignon - savignon vintage


Sauvignon Blanc Napa Vintage - Metaphora Wines savignon vintage

Vintage, Harvest Date (median), ° Baumé (average), Yield (tonnes/ha), Vintage Rating (out of 10). 2014, 16 March, 13.6, 7.48, 10. 2013, 19 March, 12.9, 7.87, 10.

Our Wine Vintage Chart Cabernet Sauvignon Aging Guide provides guidance on how Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon may taste and if it's ready to.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world's most widely recognized red wine grape varieties. Even with the ability to age, some Cabernet Sauvignon wines can still be approachable a few years after vintage. In Bordeaux, the tannins of the.