Jackass' Steve-O does the Bottle Cap Challenge with his actual penis | Metro News - stevos dick


HOW STEVE-O LOST HIS PENIS - IMPAULSIVE EP. 10 Impaulsive With Logan Paul podcast stevos dick

Steve-O changes genders, talks Jackass, and staples himself to Logan's nipple. Logan Paul should keep this adult content on impualsive, and his content for younger viewers in his main channel. I am glad he has stepped foot into the podcast game. However, his ‘co-host’ Mike.

The actor and stunt performer is best known for his lewd and daredevil antics television series Jackass, which was popular in the early 2000s. With John Mayer and Jason Statham participating in the trend, Steve-O didn't want to be left out. No matter what's coming next in the.

Jackass star Steve-O was always going to take the Bottle Cap Challenge to new territory – and he's done just that by using his penis. So far.